Most, or at least a lot of, single mums have a break every second weekend while kiddiwinks disappear off with Daddy. Myself and DrJ+MrH (ex = Dr Jekyll + Mr Hyde) found that moving faster than glacial speed upset the little ones. So we soon arrived at – Sat am to Sun am, every weekend with Dad – and have stayed there for more than a year. It will change to alternate weekends soon, as does not work so well for me, and the kids will enjoy the extended time with their Dad better.  

To whit: Sat 10.05am – house suddenly and miraculously silent. Mommy collapses on couch. Stares into space for a while. Sometimes a long while, but nobody’s around, so doesn’t matter. Turns on TV. Sometimes crazy reality TV appears. Dance Moms. Don’t judge me. My kids don’t go to dance. And now they never will.

I digress. An old friend who hadn’t seen me in forever, told me I had gone into my cocoon since the breakup (and another disturbing life event;) and laughed as we said goodbye, muttering I’ll go back into my cocoon, and she’ll see me again in another year or two.

She has a point. I’ve met a few great single mums. Who go OUT on Saturday nights. Well most alternate Saturday nights. I’ve been invited lots of times. Some of these times I’ve gone. Errm, more of these times I’ve stayed home on my couch. Exhausted. Or it’s too cold. Stop. It does get cold in Sydney in the winter. Or rainy. Torrential, yeah.

Or I can’t be bothered. BUT it’s not just at night. Sometimes I just stay in all day as well. That’s recovery though. Or licking my wounds. I lost my gorgeous Dad last year. Moments before Dr Jekyll + Mr Hyde was due to move out, in fact. Got the call. Within 24 hours myself and kids (one with a brand-spanking new passport) were at the airport – ready fly to Ireland. Thank God we got there in time. Got to say goodbye. Very Lucky there. Good God, I’m digressing.

Let’s wrap this up. You have other blogs to skim.

So many Saturdays – for that is my child-free day and night – I have not left the house. It makes me very very sad to say the time has not been spent scrubbing and polishing the place to make it a pristine palace either. Although it makes me very happy to say one Saturday I waved the kiddiwinks off, went back to bed, and watched 10 or so hours straight of Downton Abbey, series one and two, propped up in my comfy bed, pausing only for food, drinks and bathroom breaks. Thanks to my very thoughtful brother for mailing me the first THREE series on DVD. Watched the rest the following Saturday.

I heartily apologise for all this digression. If you have skipped ahead til this paragraph, I am about to get to the point. Please enjoy nice picture below.


One of the great single mum friends, politely told me to get out of the house when the kids are gone. Even if it’s to walk along the coast or take a swim. We are Very Lucky to live near the beach. I didn’t take her advice too often. Errands, life & comfy couch all got in the way.

So last weekend I did. 5 Kms brisk walk along the coast. Yesterday the same. Blustery windy weather. Freak’n amazing. I usually only do that beautiful walk when its sunny. A powerful ocean makes you happy to be here to see it. Putting it mildly.

God, but we’re lucky to live in Sydney.

Moral of the story: listen to your good friends. You know who they are. They speak the truth. Thanks Mich xxx