Guerilla fixers2

So. Some Gobshite decided it would be fun to torch the guerilla knitting on the tree next to Patrick Kavanagh. Went over today. Awesome. Two strangers were patching up the burned knitting with felt.

My brother noticed the damage yesterday and told me. Half the knitting gone. Out came the knitting needles. No way I was leaving the tree scorched, with bits of burned knitting clinging to the sooty trunk.

Guerilla fixed patches Guerilla fixed

Got talking to the nice folk – Jessica, Drew and Sarah – who all work close by and were pissed off  (along with quite a few other passers by) with Gobshite’s mindless destruction. They had to go back to work, but for a while there three of us were patching up the knitting. Go community 🙂 There’s not as much as before on there, but it’s still there.