Nigella saved me … from what?

single cupcake

It started as just a way to cook interesting meals, apparently without too much fuss. Curiosity about this Domestic Goddess. Light Entertainment even. But Nigella’s reassuring tones and knowledgeable directions – delivered from a wholesomely modern kitchen – spell Comfort.

At first from a busy day, or sweet yet demanding babies. Later from the jarring transit to single motherhood. Despite the blessed relief of no longer sharing a home with Dr Jekyll + Mr Hyde, the lot of a single parent hovering around 40, frankly needs comfort wherever it can (safely) be found.

My own mother – fantastic, wise, strong, trail blazing, but (ahem) no kitchen whizz  – lives on the other side of the planet with the rest of my family. In an infuriatingly polar-opposite timezone.

So Nigella in the background, or through one of her bloody good books helps a little. Or a lot. Depending on the day.

Looking back on a diary I kept during the really tough times. After the depressing times, but before the paralisingly tough shitty shitty times. It reads like a comfort food blog. Funny that. The kids enjoyed the baking. See? everything’s normal.