When they do it right, they do it soo right. I have a friend who wants refreshingly few things from life, and is prepared to organise himself to have them. He wants a great mattress, a biggish flat screen tv, to eat good food, a bike to ride, and time to do yoga and paint. That’s it thanks. 

He found a great smallish apartment in the city years ago. He’s good – no fantastic – at finding the best of what’s available. His apartment is full of amazing art (very talented) a fertile garden, and a teeny tiny kitchen. No convenience food, big nights out, latest gadgets, wild women or extensive wardrobe needed. He’s gone back to university and is happy to live on a small income – he has the mattress, tv and bike already. If I didn’t like him so much I’d think him a walking zen cliche. 

I love spending time with male friends in their natural habitat.  A mutual friend has a ramshackle house on the side of a beautiful river outside Sydney. He builds a bit on to it every now and then, lately it’s been the wharf to make it easier to get there. It’s remote, not flash, very beautiful and unpretentious. Simple.

For years I worked on and off as a freelance magazine subeditor. I’d work on a magazine here and there, usually they kept me on as a regular pretty quickly. I worked on women’s mags, glossies, home and garden mags etc. Twice I worked on male enthusiast magazines – one sport, one cars. My hands down favourites. The glossies were THE worst. Dismissive,  judgmental – as a freelancer you’re rarely in the ‘in group’. The mens mags – fantastic. Simple, easy, no office politics, just good journalists working on subjects they loved. 

Long live simple.


pic: Simple Man by Khlovez, at