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Get some colour on…



After months in harsh weather the tree gets its first bright colour injection.

Lots of conversations with passers-by, one pleased to have actually found the knitter, and took my pic by the tree. Aaah.

Lovely evening in Dublin, pic taken at 9pm ūüôā

Meme of the Week


Am left with sad, but repetitive realisation, that the house will not clean itself. Bugger.

Leaving and coming back has no effect whatsoever.


Everyone’s got one. At least. That smell that shoots you back in time. Your Dad’s aftershave.¬†Playdough¬†from preschool. Fresh cut grass. For me it’s Jonquils.

It was more than a decade ago. My partner broke up with me out of the blue. We had spent a lot of our 20s together, we lived in a groovy house. Wedding bells were on the cards. It took me some time to dust myself off after that one. A friend from work helped enormously. She was single and lived in a groovy beach suburb. She was all about the advice. Older than me and authoritative. Not recently devastated, she could afford to be.

She invited me over a lot in that first month or so. Here were happy fun people who had all got through major breakups, cheerfully playing guitar and having dinner parties. It was June, and in this part of the world that means jonquils. Miniature, heavily scented daffodil-like flowers. My friend loved them and there was often a bunch in the apartment.

Of course there was a lot more to getting up and moving on, but that aroma was so present when I got the shift, that I could get over this and start over.

So now when I pick up a bunch of those dainty little trumpeted warriors, I’m right back there and can tackle whatever.


…the other week. Quite a lot of talk about blogs. A friend has been publishing a blog on behalf of her dog for a while. Not my particular cup of tea. Though after a conversation with her – blog not dog you understand – seems like a pretty good thing to do. ¬†

Well you can be the judge of that.

Be gentle with me…

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