The Dog Ate My Blog

Eyes downcast, firmly fixed on shoes. I started a blog. Posted often. For couple of months. Then stuff happened. Some big. Some humdrum. Some painful (literally). Then it seemed too much time had passed to start again.
Aha. Buoyed by lots of digital media seminars – and one this week when 5-year-old child # 1’s artwork was tweeted by Google’s Creative Director. (She came to seminar with me and coloured pictures happily on the floor throughout, Tom Uglow said she was his favourite audience member. We gave him a picture. He liked it. We were all happy.)

And you awesome people kept visiting, even after I stopped – from US, Europe, Australia and even India – thanks :))

So time to jump back into the digital world – get back to this blog and work out what it’s for, who it’s for, who likes it and why.
Twice a week. Thanks for coming back. Woof.

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