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Gobshite: 0 Tree:1

Guerilla fixers2

So. Some Gobshite decided it would be fun to torch the guerilla knitting on the tree next to Patrick Kavanagh. Went over today. Awesome. Two strangers were patching up the burned knitting with felt.

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And the tree grows on


Finally got back to the tree today and started sewing. The guerilla knit has outgrown me though … need to come back with a stool to reach the top bit 🙂 Loads of people stopped for a chat, at least 4 saying “Ahh, You’re the one who’s been doing this. Been wondering who it was.” hee hee.

ImageGreat conversations, though ran out of time. More colourful bits and bobs coming.


Loving the guerilla knitting!

Get some colour on…



After months in harsh weather the tree gets its first bright colour injection.

Lots of conversations with passers-by, one pleased to have actually found the knitter, and took my pic by the tree. Aaah.

Lovely evening in Dublin, pic taken at 9pm 🙂